Homemade skincare…the verdict is in

So for many many years I have used MD Forte.   My sister works in the plastic surgery space and her friend had turned me on to the product when I was in my late 20’s.   It is a   Read More »

Vacation = DIY Projects to complete AKA Naptime Warriors!!!


So over the holiday there was a lot of tasks that I had on my to do list that I wanted to get done.   It included things like, going through the kids drawers and getting rid of all the   Read More »

Southern Living Roasted Chicken


So like many people I am always looking for new healthy recipes to try.   I was thumbing through my mother in law’s southern living book and came across one pan dinners so decided to try this with my parents   Read More »

2015 Christmas Eve and Day

Happy New Year from the Collett House!!! Wow what a year obviously too much time dedicated to working on the house, raising the babies and working full time and no time to blog or share moments as I would like   Read More »

Aunt Faye’s Old Hutch

Our lovely generous Aunt Faye had some extra furniture that she wanted to offload and since we are on budget $0 for new furniture we were happy to take it off her hands.   As most of you know I struggle   Read More »