Who doesn’t love hamburger helper…

Why is it that you get an itch for a childhood meal make it at home and are incredibly disappointed?   Like I said in many of my posts Jay and I definitely try live more naturally and source food from   Read More »

It’s been a long time…

So much has  happened since my last post, but it is 2014 and I have a few commitments that I am trying to stick to. 1.  Living more simply I think a lot of people say they want to do   Read More »

Low and Slow Dry Rub Oven Chicken and an Anniversary Weekend

  This weekend started out with a really wonderful Anniversary lunch with Jay at the Windy Corner Cafe and Bakery. Nestled in the middle on horse farms was wonderful. Something about being in the country makes you slow down so   Read More »

First Family vacation prep and organization oh my….

We don’t watch TV when Gabriel is up and about. The only TV he watches is a Sesame Street or tunes in the morning with his 1st breakfast snack and that is about 30 -40 minutes when we are getting   Read More »

Gabriel Turns 2 Sesame Street

So my family had about 4 months of really crazy times that started right after my little guy turned 2!   The party was fantastic but I never got to document all the amazing moments of it here.   Well   Read More »