Aunt Faye’s Old Hutch

Our lovely generous Aunt Faye had some extra furniture that she wanted to offload and since we are on budget $0 for new furniture we were happy to take it off her hands.   As most of you know I struggle   Read More »

Forever House Update…

So it has been incredibly busy around the Collett Forever house…we have had so many projects and little time to actually talk about them so I thought during my lunch hour I would give a bit of an update.     Read More »

Forever House Update….will the painting ever get done???

So just a quick Monday update on the forever house. This has been a long week…especially for Jay and Gabe.   The bested butt and the upstairs looks brand new!   New paint and trim…a few updates to the master   Read More »

FH Update: Hand painting trim or spraying…

So something none of us counted on was the stubborn trim in this house.   It literally took 4 days to paint the bedrooms because the trim was dark and we think potentially oil.    So I started researching anything to help.    Read More »

The Forever House has been purchased!!!

  So you may know or may not know that Jay and I have moved A LOT for such a young couple.  At least young at heart anyway! But on May 6th 2015 we have purchased what we have talked   Read More »