Weekend Collett Style

I’m sure we are no different than most families who look forward to the weekends.   It’s the time of the week where we can accomplish tasks and have fun doing it, a time where we can start a little   Read More »

Homemade skincare…the verdict is in

So for many many years I have used MD Forte.   My sister works in the plastic surgery space and her friend had turned me on to the product when I was in my late 20’s.   It is a   Read More »

Vacation = DIY Projects to complete AKA Naptime Warriors!!!

So over the holiday there was a lot of tasks that I had on my to do list that I wanted to get done.   It included things like, going through the kids drawers and getting rid of all the   Read More »

Southern Living Roasted Chicken

So like many people I am always looking for new healthy recipes to try.   I was thumbing through my mother in law’s southern living book and came across one pan dinners so decided to try this with my parents   Read More »

2015 Christmas Eve and Day

Happy New Year from the Collett House!!! Wow what a year obviously too much time dedicated to working on the house, raising the babies and working full time and no time to blog or share moments as I would like   Read More »