2015 Christmas Eve and Day

Happy New Year from the Collett House!!! Wow what a year obviously too much time dedicated to working on the house, raising the babies and working full time and no time to blog or share moments as I would like   Read More »

Forever House Update…

So it has been incredibly busy around the Collett Forever house…we have had so many projects and little time to actually talk about them so I thought during my lunch hour I would give a bit of an update.     Read More »

And then there were 4….

I haven’t had much time to post in the last oh… 2 years just quick blogs here and there.   Life gets busy and work is crazy and you feel like it is enough to get eyeliner on these days   Read More »

Out of the bubble…

Jay and I have been accused of staying on the south side of Lexington and my good friend Liz is probably right! Same restaurants every weekend. So the past few weeks I have mandated a new place for breakfast. 1.   Read More »

It’s been a long time…

So much has  happened since my last post, but it is 2014 and I have a few commitments that I am trying to stick to. 1.  Living more simply I think a lot of people say they want to do   Read More »