The old school Magnavox Stereo (a work in progress)

Hi my name is Natalie and I love vinyl!   I love the crackling, deep, soul pulling sound of a good record.   It also reminds me of my youth when I would spend hours listening to stories and nursery   Read More »

Homemade skincare…the verdict is in

So for many many years I have used MD Forte.   My sister works in the plastic surgery space and her friend had turned me on to the product when I was in my late 20’s.   It is a   Read More »

Vacation = DIY Projects to complete AKA Naptime Warriors!!!

So over the holiday there was a lot of tasks that I had on my to do list that I wanted to get done.   It included things like, going through the kids drawers and getting rid of all the   Read More »

Forever House Update…

So it has been incredibly busy around the Collett Forever house…we have had so many projects and little time to actually talk about them so I thought during my lunch hour I would give a bit of an update.     Read More »

Uggg the mantel!

So our mantel is very boring and I am trying desperatley to finish our livingroom decor.  Jay, Bug and I went out and about today and found some mirrors all which were like 100-200 so I decided to go back   Read More »