It’s been a long time…

So much has  happened since my last post, but it is 2014 and I have a few commitments that I am trying to stick to.

1.  Living more simply I think a lot of people say they want to do this, but this summer I happened to be smacked in the face with an alternative which was drown in complexity.    I have a long way to go but my husband Jay and I sold our ginormous house in a very affluent neighborhood that was draining everything we had and eating away at everything we were.   Fun became fights and discontent and we went through a downward spiral of chaos, thankfully coming out a little stronger and with more understanding of what we need to do to NEVER be in that place again.   Money, whether you have a lot or a little, our society lives paycheck to paycheck.   So we sold our house and moved into a cute little rental next to my folks, 3800 Sqft to 1800 Sqft.    Yup pretty extreme.    Other than a very overstuffed garage and no office in lieu of a toy/playroom for Gabe life is very comfortable, we don’t feel crammed, we feel cozy .    So with the house gone, we are now working on where the heck our money had gone aside from the obvious, as we had no furniture or savings to show for the delta between how we live and what was in our savings account.     We agreed it is time for extreme…yup the cash envelope Dave Ramsey approach has begun.   Most would make fun, but it actually works.  So wish us luck on our debt free adventure and our 2 year plan to finally be free of debt and start our life simply but on several acres in the country by 2016.


2. Living more naturally This is also a bit of a struggle, I like my named brand makeup, and other than the soap and lotions that we make I am kind of a sucker for a good package.   But Jay and I recently took a cheese making class at Boone Creek Creamery here in town and wow did I learn a few things.   Like organic milk is second worst behind Kroger (WHAT???)  I have been paying 4.29 a 1/2 gallon plus 1.25 for little milks for Gabriel for the past several years.   So that was a shocker for me.  definitely look at the research and how the “organic” processing strips away just about everything nutritional out of milk.   We still do organic meat and veggies when we can but that was a kicker.   So we are now supporting local farm (JD Farms) and I am even learning that skim may do harm than good.  Of course Jay laughed his toosh off the first time I opened the glass bottle of non homogenized milk and almost vomited.   But hey that is milk’s natural state….it isn’t always bright white and I find it amazing what we have been brainwashed to understand as truth. IMG_20140302_132118         So that is our goal, slowly remove the toxins and unnatural things from our life.  Self sustain when possible ….





3.  Trying not to let my new career move drive my happiness or on bad days drain it

Wow so I was blessed with a new job.   Some people who know me know I had to take several career steps back to move forward.   UK was the second instance of this.   I left the fast paced super successful big architect dream job at ACS for a more family friendly paced environment with great benefits.  UK was the option and that option came with a 14k pay cut.    But with Gabriel on the way it was worth it.   Shortly after Jay joined the UK family as a manager and an opportunity came up with in 3 long years to move up.   Unlike ACS with 3 promotions in 3 years…but hey with a 2 to 1 match I am NOT complaining.    So now I am the Applications Manager for Revenue Cycle and Admin Apps for UK HealthCare IT.   And it is a lot of work, A LOT.   OK so I am also a borderline workaholic.   Hence the goal for this year.   BALANCE.  I love my job, my team and I have a whole lot to prove to my new customer base.  It will be a long road but I am up for the challenge when in steps….surprise baby Ana.    So i have to slow it down, it isn’t in my nature but I am going to try to find balance and realize I can’t fix everything (and there is a LOT to fix here).  But that is what I am challenged with at this point….Scan-140218-0003   These are things that are important….I just have to keep that focus….

4.  Appreciate those special people in my life more than ever

This is pretty simple in theory but sometimes as busy as life gets we forget to do it.  My family and friends mean the world to me so I am really planning some changes in this department!


5.  Savor the moments with my son, even when I have had a horrible day and exhausted beyond words….play play doh and race trucks and thank god that he is healthy and perfect

Need I say anything?   Get off the phone, turn off the computer and look in front of you.   So many precious moments fly by and you can never get them back!  I refuse for this to continue, I am a good mom but I don’t want to wake up 10 years from now and wonder where the time went or if I missed a smile or a funny face whilst checking my email or Facebook.    God has blessed me with the most perfect little boy…and I pray another healthy little girl in August and I don’t want to miss a thing!   I can sleep when I am dead ;)!











6.  Be more organized

I am weird with this and SOOOO want to be better.   This ties in to living simply…declutter and organize so that life is more simple.  Makes perfect sense and I will let you know as soon as I figure this out but….


imagesCMD33L2R simplify your kitchen ♥ raising up rubies


Published on: March 2, 2014

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