Out of the bubble…

Jay and I have been accused of staying on the south side of Lexington and my good friend Liz is probably right! Same restaurants every weekend. So the past few weeks I have mandated a new place for breakfast.

1. Great Bagel
This local bagel spot is amazing. As soon as you walk in the door you smell it scratch made bagels and cream cheese and both my boys (pre Ana) loved it too!

2. La petite creperie
So I loved the location and I will go back to do a sweet crepe but my veggie crepe had raw veggies which was just odd for such a unique and high end feeling place. But more importantly the crepes were tough and a little thick. The crepes in Germany that made my mouth water and were delivered on the stadt were thin and delicate and phenomenal!!! Melt in your mouth. These were just tough. Had to work cutting them with a kind tough. But thier fair trade magic beans coffee was to die for.




So yes that is only two so as a foodie married to a foodie I convinced Jay that we need to continue to venture out and check out the Lexington food scene as it has a ton to offer even with an awesome mini foodie ands newborn in tow.

Yes Liz we will break the bubble:)!

Published on: September 7, 2014

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