And then there were 4….



I haven’t had much time to post in the last oh… 2 years just quick blogs here and there.   Life gets busy and work is crazy and you feel like it is enough to get eyeliner on these days but I am going to try to dedicate some time to this little angel who has joined out lives.   Ana Maria Collett was born at 7:11 PM on August 6th at Central Baptist Hospital.   The second child is so different.


I started contracting at 3AM on 8/6 and  I stayed home until contractions were 3 minutes a part at about 11:30 AM.  I was a little worried I wasn’t in active labor but the nurses at CB assured me I was well on my way! “

We arrived at the hospital at 11:40 and I was introduced to Nurse Kim who was AMAZING!!!


wpid-wp-1412182337527.jpeg                                             wpid-wp-1412182289361.jpeg                                                                              wpid-wp-1412182344247.jpeg

At about 2:30 She got my blood work done and in no time the miracle doctor was there with the “good stuff”.   And then the wild bunch arrived.   My Niece and Sis came to join the party.   Dad was on the IPAD in the corner waiting researching guns and ammo ….my sister , mom and I were laughing our butts off at what I am still not sure but we were shortly classified as the party room and Jay and my niece were sleeping….jay was most likely trying not to be embarrassed by my drug induced antics :)!

wpid-wp-1412182331099.jpeg                                            wpid-wp-1412182304490.jpeg                                    wpid-wp-1412182311283.jpeg

In no time 6:00 rolled around and nurse Kim said we were ready to roll.   She then proceeded to tell me my OB was in surgery and wouldn’t make it but that Laurie Schadler was there and would be delivering.   PANIC >>>PANIC>>>> CODE RED commence Natalie’s hyperventilating freak out!   But what to do Ana was coming and Dr. Fuson was no where in sight….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..  Jay as usual calmed me down and told me everything would be fine.   And it was, Laurie was amazing, as a midwife we took her time and was more fluid with how she coached me when to push and when to wait.   For the first time they offered a mirror and the whole thing was amazing.   4 good pushes and our baby girl was here.   And she was perfect.   Just like her brother but about 1 pound heavier.

wpid-wp-1412182282964.jpeg                                                             wpid-wp-1412182374329.jpeg                                                      wpid-wp-1412182366907.jpeg

The most touching part of the day was when my first baby Gabriel met his new sister and opened the gift she got him.   You don’t realize how lucky you are as a women and mother until you get to witness and experience motherhood  and  realize there is NOTHING more important than these two amazing creatures you brought into this world.


She is a amazing, everyone told us she would be a hell raiser and I realize we are only 7 weeks in but we are going with Dr. Riley’s philosophy…if you bread a lab you can’t breed a pit bull….:)


L aurie Schadler from lexington women’s health is wonderful and I am so blessed to have had her deliver Ana!  However we didn’t have a safe for internet good photo of Laurie and Ana but I couldn’t publish until I had one pic of the most important women of the hour!





































Published on: October 1, 2014

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  1. Liz says:

    Aww I’m glad you had such a great experience. I love all the pictures. It made me realize how much I missed that this time with Owen. 🙁

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