The Forever House has been purchased!!!


So you may know or may not know that Jay and I have moved A LOT for such a young couple.  At least young at heart anyway!

But on May 6th 2015 we have purchased what we have talked about all of these years and what we lovingly refer to as the “Forever House”.  Even Gabriel calls it that and we are so excited.   Is it a 100% completed?  Well no it’s not but it is definitely a place we will make our own and hopefully make many amazing family memories there….

This house is 1 acre lot, in the 2nd best school district in our town and the best lot with the lowest price in the neighborhood which means instant equity for us woot!!!



Image quality is sketchy but we put on a new roof that is black not brown and cleaned up all of the landscaping in the front…is that a ghost in the window?? NO it’s Jay no bad juju here !!!



So lets start with the absolute LOVES…

1.  The lot is in a neighborhood where all of the lots are 1 acre or more BUT everyone is so amazing kind and takes care of each other.   I expect pies and cookies in our future when we officially move in with the kiddos.

2.  The lot is the best in the subdivision, I know everyone says that but it literally is the furthest from the main road and backs up to two beautiful horse farms and is lined with thick mature trees.

BackYard DECK

3.  The flow of the house has character…I hate cookie cutter homes and this home has lots of cute character and details that we just really enjoy!

4.  It is ALMOST a ranch on a basement.   Our old Palomar home had 20 foot ceilings and was TOO big.  Ironically the actual square footage is about the same but it feels more cozy…

5.  Room for expansion!!!  Always good.

6.  There is about a 20k deck upper and lower over looking a spectacular backyard….LOVE!!!

Back Deck Stairs



7.  The thing we love most of all is that it has all the quiet serenity of living in the country with the proximity to the city that we love with awesome schools a parents dream.








I thank GOD for the family that helped make it possible and blessing to have a house like this at our age for our little family to grow!


So we closed May 6th and we haven’t rested since.   DIY is much harder when you are coordinating a toddler and an infant but with the help of our family and explaining why mommy and daddy are working hard to get the forever house ready for him we are getting through the tough bits and are really looking forward to the actual day we can move in and we hope that is May 29th.

Ana “Bannana” Room

No pale pink for my little mama,  she is getting her room decked out in a “Pool” Blue, Purple, Gray and white with splashes of green!


Before:  Lavender with Creamish Brown Trim


In Progress:  The SW “Pool Blue” emerges…OMG I love this color!!!!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee  5/11 bright trim in progress…





Gabriel “Bug” Steven’s Room

My little angel required a BLUE room.  Because we invested in the PB Dino theme plaid deal I had to decline his request for Cats Cats Cats Blue (in KY that is a color I am pretty sure) and we opted for a cooler NOT baby Blue.  Pics coming soon…


Gabes Room Before: Just MEH

Gabe OLD

Gabes Room In Progress: OK so jay says it looks a little lavender and this pic well maybe but I had it matched to his bedding at SW and I am confident that it will look fab with the decals and bedding and window treatments!



So the master bedroom was pretty dark and dingy..I know people say dark colors in bedrooms help you sleep but I am just NOT feeling it!   Again painting all the ceilings with bright white paint along with the trim and this beautiful color and adding a ceiling fan and BAM…ohhh I see many good snoozes…

Before:  Dark and Dated

Master OLD

In progress:  So fresh and So clean… 🙂

OH LA LA …I am going to love it…a hair worried I went a little gold but I am hoping it all works out with the white furniture.

I had to post the man who made this all possible the infamous paint guru “PA”


This guy here is a hard charger…I have never met a more determined (sometimes stubborn when he won’t eat) amazing man.   We love and appreciate him so very much!!!



The master bath:

The master bath is getting a good overhaul “on a budget” .  The wallpaper removed (oh did I forget to tell you here that I would have some negative words and maybe a smack or two for the creator of this HORRIBLE thing called wallpaper??? mmmm???)

We ripped out the massive cabinets to the right.   I know I know ma….storage storage….but they made a small bathroom SOOO much smaller so daddy took the sledge to that baby and we ripped it out and wow did it open up!

Next mama was up with the wagner at her hip to rip that dark blue wallpaper off the walls.   This sucked…and let me tell you even with very expensive wallpaper this still sucked…but all behind me and today (5/13/15) I should be able to post the progress after painting.   I think I am going to put a cute vanity here with some corner cabinets until we have the budget to gut this thing.

Bathroom OLD






The Kids Bathroom

Small but cute and I didn’t take a before DANG it but imagine…the same wallpaper above in dark red…yup DARK RED

This is going to be a fun space for me..I am painting the vanity white, I have an Ombre turqoise shower curtain, a bird cage turqoise and orange print and these fun little handles I ordered from ETSY in orange yeeeee!!! So excited to see this complete!

For now wall paper removed and primed…lemon vanilla cream on the walls should make bath time oh so cheery!




Formal Dining

So I get it…in the 90’s with the really fancy window treatments and gold this formal dining room was probably rockin’ now not so much.   So the VS wallpaper needed to go, painting ceiling, trim all bright white and I am at a loss for the color in a formal dining room so I am researching daily!


Dining OLD

But today this is the progress…Wallpaper removal complete, triple scrape and scrub down of the walls DONE…awaiting paint all the way around and me to come to a decision on the color…oh and light fixture sprayed (STAT)



Kitchen Before:

Can we say windows and natural light anyone??  So this kitchen is kind of small…but oh so cute.  Will I one day rip it out 365 days from our close date?  YES.  Will I knock out walls and be able to lay  two people on the slab of quartz that will live there?…yes, of course while boiling water in 10 seconds with my gas stove :).   But today or on close day this was the happy little kitchen.  I don’t need all that fanciness…but I love to cook and to this day I long for a chef’s kitchen…sacrifices sacrifices ;)!

kitchen OLD

In Progress:  Wallpaper removed and walls scrubbed, scraped and sanded (4 times) and already SOOO much better!!   My color scheme in there is gray, light teal and creams….so excited!!




I really never had a den nor do I know what a den is for..I think hang out casual living because we also have a formal living/sitting room??  Ahhh more choices here but I got a good coat of primer on the paneling…this room doesn’t get a lot of light so I need to brighten it up a whole lot.  Here is the plan, white wash the fire place, white trim the wood paneling and a fresh coat of paint in some soothing color on the wall.


In Progress:  Paneling is primed…TBC



Well guess what…the entry way has WALLPAPER…are you suprised?  I am not… I don’t have a before so this is a combo before and in progress so you can see the very interesting patterned wallpaper choice in the entry way.   I didn’t hate it…it just wasn’t really my thing and after tackling the upstairs, kitchen and dining I was on a removal role.   Jay was NOT happy but I told him this would make the house smell better and he grumbled something incoherent and went to the garage… GEESH MEN 🙂

I did however pick my color here finally…BM Edgecomb gray which I think will be analytical gray in SW to create a warm gray instead of cold…I PRAY it works…we are testing it in the hallway upstairs!



Day 11 Jay sent me this in the morning…

We have WILD TURKEYS in our back yard!!!


I was at the urgent treatment center getting a breathing treatment during the wild turkey parade.  I guess pulling wallpaper that is old and dusty in a musty house that had water damage while sanding the drywall is no place for asthmatics with out a mask.

Here is proof ma!  My mask!


We did have some R&R thanks to Oma and Gommy getting us plenty of food where we enjoyed this kick butt deck and even got to use the cool gift from Karla with Ana’s outdoor high chair GENIUS!!!


 Here is the sleeping beauty hard at work!


The last part of the forever house where transformation is pretty far down the priority list is the basement.

It isn’t bad but it isn’t spectacular!   LOTS OF WORK HERE but so much potential!!  What you don’t see is a 3 whole other spaces that include a teeny laundry room with strange high ceilings…LOL I don’t even know ….

Basement Bed OLD




Basement Full Bath OLD Basement Living OLD





Well friends, family and haters of this amazing fixer upper 🙂  More pics and updates hopefully daily!!!

Thank god for great help and family!!  We love you all!

The Colletts countdown to the moving in their forever home!







Published on: May 13, 2015

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