FH Update: Hand painting trim or spraying…

So something none of us counted on was the stubborn trim in this house.   It literally took 4 days to paint the bedrooms because the trim was dark and we think potentially oil.    So I started researching anything to help.  I found a blog post on
Young House Love where they tackle this very subject.   Jay and I debated and after a full nights sleep he thought that maybe it WAS a good idea.   So around 11 he sent me this…


“Because you are smarter than me! Lol”

And tonight in my mad rush to love on the babies, settle them at Oma’s (who by the way have both been a god send between supplying home cooking and day care) I arrived to Gommy putting more paper on the floor in prep for my idea trial run.

So we started in the dining room and at first spray Jay realized there was more prep work on the trim so we mixed up some TSP (this stuff rocks for prepping any surface to paint) and washing all the trim….


Not really hard but a bit irritating when you were anticipating spraying.

Once that was done I was shooed off to behind the plastic sheeting where our dining room looked like something out of Dexter.  And the spraying (primer) began and let me tell you PERFECTION !!!  And what  time saver so far ….so we will see!!!


But you can see white is going to be quite amazing in there!!!

That’s all for today!!!

Published on: May 14, 2015

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  1. Faye says:

    I love following your house renovation. Thanks for taking time to include family and friends.

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