Forever House Update….will the painting ever get done???

So just a quick Monday update on the forever house.

This has been a long week…especially for Jay and Gabe.   The bested butt and the upstairs looks brand new!   New paint and trim…a few updates to the master bath and I must say the house is looking really spiffy!

Jay as always doesn’t see the massive accomplishment but the work that lay ahead…

This weekend we continued our sprayer journey for the trim.  What I truly believe would have been weeks worth of work took us for the entire first floor 2 days.  95 % of that is prep work.   I was laying paper and tarps and taping so much that if there is a a syndrome for ingesting masking and painters tape I will have it…but wow what a difference 2 days makes…

Hallway from the Kitchen to the Den fresh trim





Den Transformation all the wood work painted and SOOO pretty!


This will be the main house color.   It is a SW version of  edgecomb gray.

Pa is a master painter for sure!   His detail is amazing with paint and we are lucky he is so cheap ;)!!!



Ana’s room in different light and ALL 21 doors in the house were painted WOW…21 Doors GO JAY!!!


Beautiful yellow bathroom for the kiddos…remember turquoise, orange and yellow cream !!! Yeeeeeeeeeeee  Pa knocked this out of the park!!


Gabe’s room in different light…Love the blue!!



Gommy kept the kiddos this weekend so I could help work….Mom kept us in grub which was AWESOME…love these ladies….

ALSO my sister Patty came by and helped me TSP the trim and put the hardware on 21 DOORS…WHAT??  Patty and power tools?? Go Girl!!!

So now we have to hit the Ceilings and Walls CLEAN and I think we will be ready to move….















Published on: May 18, 2015

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  1. Faye says:

    Quality work from everyone………..teamwork makes all the difference.

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