Forever House Update…

So it has been incredibly busy around the Collett Forever house…we have had so many projects and little time to actually talk about them so I thought during my lunch hour I would give a bit of an update.   Not to mention my beautiful little princess turned 1…ONE OMG!!!!

The Entryway I struggled SO much with this one I knew what I wanted but I was battling the execution.   Jay and I agreed on wood sign and random pictures with different frames and man did it turn out perfectly.    Then I finally got my stripping and sanding pants on to get the pew ready for the entry way.

This is one of the reasons we continue to be thankful for this home.  Everything is just falling into place…


The rug was my 4th attempt. (Don’t buy colored rugs online!!)

1.  Was a rug from Joss and Main (Epic Fail one I still have to return) It was turqoise and white NUH UH…

2.  Wayfair rug came too gold and traditional.

3.  At target with Jay and the kiddos and there is is.   The perfect rug, you can’t see it but it is natural fiber but still soft and is weaved with a bit of silver…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The home wall needs a better picture but we basically over several weeks racked home good of every cool frame and ordered all of our family pics off of Millers.   I can’t tell you how amazing this is to come home to.  This is our life and now our friends and family can enjoy it too!




The pew was a challenge, my mom found this at a yard sale and it is a late 1800’s church pew from a church in nicholasville ky.    IMG_20150809_143249775

Originally it had a dark green bench cushion and a horrible shiny oak color.   So I stripped the whole thing using Orange stripper.  This took several iterations.  Then I sanded it with 120 grit.   then I washed it to get the residue from the stripper that wouldn’t come off and let it dry in the sun.  When I was done I was thinking I would paint it but then….I started to fall in love with the natural wood look with some scrapes and character.    I loved loved loved it so much that Jay convinced me to just put a light wax and call it a day after he reinforced it and guess what it is perfect!!   We bought the throw and pillows at homegoods with pop of orange red that really brings those muted colors to life.

IMG_20150725_124714047                                      IMG_20150725_124655769_HDR

Some of the other house updates is my fabulous new wicker seating in the front from Gommy and Pa, New Windows thanks to Aunt Faye and amazing new carpet in our basement thanks to help from my folks..


We also white washed our basement fireplace.   I thought it was a good place in-case we messed it up but now I am in LOVE with it!!!  Jay was freaking out with the process because it is so wishy washy but once he got the hang of like everything he was better than me and really made it amazing!!


IMG_20150728_223345420 (1) IMG_20150728_214306762 (1)



Published on: August 20, 2015

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