Aunt Faye’s Old Hutch

Our lovely generous Aunt Faye had some extra furniture that she wanted to offload and since we are on budget $0 for new furniture we were happy to take it off her hands.   As most of you know I struggle with decor and color schemes, I feel as if I am getting a little better I still haven’t really mastered it but that is the fun of growing….after all people thought mauve and blue shag was the bees knees at some point.

Anywho…THE HUTCH.   The hutch was about 20 years old Broyhill hutch on the smaller side as far as hutches go which really was perfect for us.  It was laminate so I did some reading about how to prep and paint laminate the easy way!   Google is your friend.

Sanded HutchSandedTopHutch









At the end of the day it was really all about sanding and cleaning…sanding and cleaning.  I am still not 100% convinced the paint won’t chip in tiny places here and there but for now it turned out spectacularly!

After the first coat of paint:

*LET IT DRY FOR AT LEAST 4-5 days longer if the humidity is high or you will have problems.









And after a coat of rustoleum oil rubbed bronze (courtesy of the infamous Gabriel Collett Sr) on the hardware and a fresh coat of paint on the backing (Palladian Gold SW).

Here she is…a thing of beauty!

Now what to fill her with??


Also some other very note worthy tasks that Pa (Jay’s dad) did for us that I am swooning over is our beautiful frontdoor and matching garage doors…
















Published on: August 27, 2015

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