Vacation = DIY Projects to complete AKA Naptime Warriors!!!

So over the holiday there was a lot of tasks that I had on my to do list that I wanted to get done.   It included things like, going through the kids drawers and getting rid of all the small or out of season things, strategic closet clean out, basement free space deep clean, laundry organization etc.   But there also were some DIY projects that I really wanted to accomplish.

Mason jar herb planter:

So in our new house, our new kitchen has the most beautiful amazing light EVER.   I have always wanted to have a herb garden indoors all year round.   So I looked at pinterest and online for some clever ideas.   I found this one here and several others.   So I showed it to Jay and he was like 125.00?? really that is like at most a 20.00 project.   Here is what you need:

Active work time 1 hr 20 min

Inactive project time 4-8 hours (stain drying time)


  • 1 board (we used a nice piece of Oak from Lowes) 15.00 8*16
  • Wood Stain of choice
  • 3 sets (washers, bolts nuts)
  • 2 anchors (heavy duty unless you have a stud)
  • Drill
  • Counter sink bit (to match bolts)
  • 3 32 oz wide mouth Mason Jars
  • 3 dryer vent clamps
  • flat head
  • felt tape
  • Already started plants/herbs or seed like we did




Step One : Distress or (“De – Stress)”

One of the most fun things we did was to scrape and distress the wood which took it from plain jane to rustic wow (corny I know).     We beat it with a chain, scraped the edges with a drywall bit, tapped it with different sharp tools, really what ever you have on hand to beat the crap out of the wood…and then we hammered all the pristine edges to finish it off.   I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but it really was turned out great!


Step Two : Stain it pretty

One coat was plenty for us and we didn’t want a shiny finish so some old rags and stain (we used black walnut) and we had the look we were after.    I would advise to make sure you really get the stain in the chips and grooves to make those pop.


Step three and on I didn’t really document with pictures so I apologize but it is pretty straight forward.

Equally measure 5 holes

2 for mounting

3 for the clamps

you need a little handy skill for that to to sink the bolts so the board sits flush on the wall when you hang it.

Once you measure and drill and bolt i used an adhesive piece of felt just so there was some cushion when we tightened the clamp on the glass, because after all it is GLASS and if you over tighten it, it will shatter.

Fill the mason jar with some small rocks for drainage and then rich potting soil.   Plant seeds or plants and then attach the mason jar to the clamp.



Ill keep you posted on seed germination and growth because then they will be oh so pretty!

Crafty Peg Board (for my mini crafting space)

The next item we tackled and when I say we i mean i had the idea and then Jay made it a reality.  Ok Ok i painted it but that is about it.  With two kids and very limited nap time I can’t learn and do as much as I want to.

I really needed a place for all of my crafty bits, high enough to keep out of kiddo hands thought I believe Gabe will figure this out sooner or later.


Supplies needed:

  • Miter Saw
  • Skill Saw
  • 1 sheet of peg board
  • Crown molding (I used primed cause I am lazy)
  • 1 X 2 for the perimeter for the back frame
  • paint
  • Hooks and things for the peg board
  • All your crafty bits

Special shout out to my DIY master and my mate who gets as excited to build this stuff as I do to use it…Jay Collett!



















Published on: January 8, 2016

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