My Favorite books read in 2012!!!

So this year was pretty profound in that I FINALLY took my BFF’s advice and gave reading a try. Cynthia Mai Evans my best friend of MANY years whom I met in my younger years in California has always been an avid reader and I never understood her obsession until now…holy batman I HEART Books. I actually have read 139 Books since JUNE. Yeah it is crazy but I rather read in my few precious hours of spare time than anything else. My obsession started with Twlight last year but it wasn’t until the infamous 50 Shades when things really started cooking (if you know what I mean). So I have turned several girlfriends into bookaholics and I am damn proud!
So this post is for three big reasons

1) to tell my BFF that I love her and THANK you for turning me into a book worm (even though I refuse to read something so BORING as “Firefly lane” try Patty for that one)



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2) Thank my amazing husband for supporting my insane habit with his resourceful ways and buying me not only my first kindle but also buying me my kindle white with amazing leather bound orange cover when he realized this obsession was just getting worse and he was tired of trying to sleep with the night light on SMOOOOCH LOVE YOU!



3) To give a montage of my top most favorite stories that have graced my kindle this year! I hope 2013 will be as awesome!

Until I Die
Die for Me
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
Bared to You
Beautiful Disaster
Les Misérables
The Hunger Games
Catching Fire
Captive in the Dark

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