Homemade skincare…the verdict is in

So for many many years I have used MD Forte.   My sister works in the plastic surgery space and her friend had turned me on to the product when I was in my late 20’s.   It is a glycolic acid formula and truthfully was amazing skincare.   I never had breakouts and my skin always had a glow about it (Of course I think now that had more to do with me being in my twenties with no kids and adequate sleep) :).  About 2 years ago they stopped making it and I was lost.   I tried EVERYTHING from Mary Kay that many swear by to Vivte (supposedly the MD Forte replacement) and SkinCeuticals.   I was left wanting and fearful my hubby would see the ridiculous amount of money I would drop on these trials.   SkinCeuticals was upwards of 200.00 for the line of products I felt I needed.   I don’t have terrible skin, but I don’t have amazing glowing flawless skin either.   I have milia here and there, the occasional breakout around THAT time of the month and all around combination skin.   Since child birth my skin really started to change, tight and itchy and all around unbalanced.

One day on my feedly I found a blog called Body Unburdened.   Nadia is amazing and this article really changed my life and educated me on how many chemicals most unregulated were in my high priced face wash and extras.    And like most amazing bloggers who share knowledge she also shared her recipe for amazing natural skin care.   As someone who makes soap, Jay and I have a huge stock in most of the ingredients required.  But even if you don’t there are links here that will guide you to some of the best products.    I will never go back!

Here is my routine all adapted from Nadia @ Body Unburdened

Evening Routine (Everyday)

  • Splash with warm water to open pores
  • Cleanse with DIY Cleanser from BU
  • Tone with Thayers Organic Witch Hazel Aloe infused with Rose 
  • Wed and Sunday  I do a honey and sugar scrub.  Splash your face with warm water get a palm full of sugar and pour honey over and scrub scrub scrub.  Your skin will feel amazing!!!
  • End with my oil moisturizer – yes I moisturize with oil and YES it is better than ANYTHING I have ever user and NO it isn’t greasy TRUST ME!  I switched up the EO for my needs IE anti aging.  (7 Drops)


I feel great, balanced not tight or itchy or overly lathered but that my skin is healing and going to it’s natural state.

I am NOT all natural with my skin products but this was a huge step for me,  aside from makeup probably the biggest.    I am working toward the natural make up but most is mineral based and I have an allergic reaction to it.

Another site that I have found recently is Mommypatamous.   I have yet to try some of her recipes but I plan to very soon. Especially the natural bug spray and shaving cream.




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