Back to School… FOR ALL OF US

Phew!   This post is LATE LATE LATE because that is how I feel constantly!  LATE ALL THE TIME…and STRESSED!  My baby boy started school this year on August 10th.   KINDERGARTEN!   And as a german descendant all children who start primary school also receive a Schultuete.

So I took a few days off around prepping for this special day and for Jay and I to have a very special day with our big boy.

20160809_145237Here is the Schultuete in its flat form.   I hand cut out the rocket ship and had a star puncher for everything else.  I also used different colored tissue for the  flames and surround.

 It was a labor of love 20160810_06375720160810_064411and he really loved it.

The tradition is to fill the cone to the rim with candy and school supplies.   My wonderful Tante and good German family friend sent the actual cone but it would have been easy as pie to
make.   Check out this reaction…and hey it isn’t just
German kids who gets to
enjoy this tradition..




I am so proud of this little guy who (SNIFF) isn’t so little anymore!!!

I pray your school year is also MAGICAL!!!


Published on: August 22, 2016

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