Big girl turns 2!!!

I don’t think I have SMAD, I just really enjoy flexing my artistic muscle.  After all it isn’t really art and I really have no special skill except to copy and modify with the best of them.   Birtthdays like Halloween were always a big deal in our family.   Even for a family party my mom would go all out… games and amazing food a special cake and LOTS of balloons!   So when Ana Turned TWO and to keep in the bee theme of our family this year we did a honey bee theme.

The Decor:

Yellow and black polka dot and hot pink  balloons and table clothes  (From Amazon and Party City) about 50.00

The Outfit:

I found the outfit on Ruffle Darlings on Etsy and they were fabulous and the quality was worth every penny.   And it was a few pennies…sigh but dang did she look cute!!



The Cake:

I typically by my cakes from a sweet sweet girl in Georgetown but this year I thought I would try my hand in making the birthday cake.  So now per Gabe I am on the hook for his cake and he wants WASPS (OH DEAR)


The pan was purchased off here.

The top was the Williams and Sonoma Recipe for Beehive Cake to the T but be careful it was a little bit dry this go round so glaze extra heavy and let it sit for a while to really soak in.

The bottom was devils food cake that was crumbed with butter cream then piped with Buttercream which firms

The little bees were all me.  I bought Black, White, Yellow and hot pink Fondant off amazon (Wilton is great to work with) and using mini cutters crafted these little guys and the flowers and her name.

I used floral wire to make they hover around the hive and it was a spectacular hit!!

I also did coordinating cupcakes and my famous Brown Butter Chewy Chocolate chip cookies.


The Food:

Soul food…not sure how this happened but it was 2 years in a row and everyone seems to really love it!

Fried Chicken

Hot Dogs for kiddos

Baked Mac and Cheese

Corn Puddin 🙂

Green Beans

Water Melon

Biscuts and HONEY from our Beehives



And here is my little helper who was so awesome and helping her mama cook!  I love this little doodle bug and pray for may more birthdays where I can create memories for her like my mom did for me!!



Published on: August 22, 2016

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