I love chalk paint!!!!

For some time I have had all these grandiose ideas about painting furniture. I’ve Spray painted with cans and machine sprayed and had pretty good luck but also some challenges.   Then a good friend of mine introduced me to Annie Sloan Chalk paint.   I almost fell over when I saw the price  100.00 just for 1 brush and 1 sample size and two cans of wax but I had to take the plunge and figure out all this hype.

So my first victim was a OLD hand carved mirror that I have tried to revive for years.  I think it was a 20.00 dollar yard sale find.  I had stained it, stripped it, and tried with no success to white wash it.    So here it is after that lame attempt.

I dusted it with a dry rag and literally that is it and I kept the original stain on it. No stripping no sanding…

First coat of Annie Sloan Barcelona Orange.  Hello bozo!

Second coat applies literally 15 minutes later love it!!! It darkened just a bit.

I was so excited that I forgot to get pics of my sanding and waxing but I first put a very light coat of clear wax on buffing with a clean dust free rag as I went.  The sanded with a sanding block distressing certain normal wear areas.    Then I did 1.5 coats of the dark wax.  Heavy in the grooves and corners but again wiping and rubbing as I went.  Remember less is more!! Don’t over wax.   One more layer of clear wax and I was done with that whole process in 1 hour.

I love it!!!  I am now a fangirl of Annie Sloan!!!  It was easy but let you take time on the fun detail work

Next project?  30.00 yard sale record console that sound like a dream.

Old white and neopolitan blue… yeeeee!!!

Published on: September 22, 2016

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