The old school Magnavox Stereo (a work in progress)

Hi my name is Natalie and I love vinyl!   I love the crackling, deep, soul pulling sound of a good record.   It also reminds me of my youth when I would spend hours listening to stories and nursery rhymes for hours in my room.

Several years ago my hubby was awesome enough to buy me a beautiful record player that last year my son broke the needle on which I desperately need to get replaced.   At my mom’s yard sale our neighbor dragged out this Magnavox stereo console.

I knew I had to have it at first sight!


Colors Colors Colors !!

I am the worst color picker… ever!  I know what I like but it’s hard for me to commit.  I am commitment phobic I know I know…but I did decide with the help of a very close friend and a visit to an amazing chalk paint mecca in Richmond, Ky Cottage on Main .   Their shop is so beautiful and country and chic and just an amazing display of what you can do with chalk paint!

So there in the middle of chalk paint awesomeness I had to decide on my colors for the stereo.  I knew that I wanted to make it cream to compliment the living room but the fabric and the inside I wanted to contrast.   I have always been inspired by tones of blue and I already have these awesome grey/blue curtains from PB from the old house and grey brown couches from mom, so I knew I wanted a pop of navy or a little brighter blue so I decided on Old White and Neopolitan blue for the console.

My first step was to remove the back and then my honey bunny helped me with removing the record player, we couldn’t quite get off the radio so I taped it and got to painting.   Again that is what I love about chalk paint.   You just go paint.  Here is some pics of the inside of the console.


So here is my issue, I live in Lexington Kentucky and I am not really a UK sports fan.   I know it is sac-relig but seriously I didn’t want people thinking this console was wildcat inspired.   And as you see the progress below you will see what I am talking about.

Even Ana is like…Ma that IS BLUUUUUE!

I should note that I actually taped off the fabric surrounds and chalk painted the fabric.

IMG_20161001_144231783_HDR (1)



Ta da!! And yes that is ANNIE and my daughter belts out tomorrow like nobody!!!

Published on: September 27, 2016

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